UAE-based Influencers Discuss Impact of Social Media on the Beauty and Fashion Industry

- Arab and Emirati Social Media Influencers participate in the ‘Arab Social Media Influencers Majlis’

Prominent Arab and Emirati social media personalities shared their perspectives on the influence of social media on the fashion and beauty industry at the ‘Arab Social Media Influencers Majlis’ organised by the Arab Social Media Influencers Club (ASMIC), an initiative of the Dubai Press Club (DPC). The event was held at the Dubai Design District (d3).

Speakers shared their experiences as active bloggers in both industries during the session moderated by TV Presenter Rehab bin Shaiban Al Muhairi from Dubai Media Incorporated. The session also examined the rise of virtual influencers and their role in promoting creativity in the fashion world.

Dubai Press Club said that the event is aligned with ASMIC’s objective of encouraging innovation and creativity across social media platforms and enhancing the positive role and contribution of influencers. Participants in the session also included Khadija Al Bastaki, Executive Director of Dubai Design District, Aida Al Busaidi, Director of C2C Campaigns and Marketing Management at the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism), and well-known social media celebrities.

Marwa Nasser Al Koudah, Project Manager of the Arab Social Media Influencers Club, DPC, said: “The Arab Social Media Influencers Majlis is one of a series of activities organised under the Arab Social Media Influencers Club. The event serves as a platform for influential Arab figures in the fields of social media, technology and other key sectors to discuss challenges brought by the rise of digital platforms, in addition to other topics relevant to Arab communities.”

Al Kouda expressed her appreciation to d3 for collaborating with DPC to host the event. d3 has become a global hub for design, innovation and creativity in the fashion industry, she said.

Al Kouda highlighted the growth of e-commerce in the Arab world, saying it has played a key role in the region’s emergence as an important player in the global fashion scene. “This growth has promoted greater interest among social media influencers in covering beauty and fashion. Many of them have succeeded in attracting millions of social media followers, especially on Instagram. The huge fan-base of these influencers increases their responsibility in playing a positive role in their communities,” she said.

“The Arab Social Media Influencers Club is keen to impart knowledge and experiences that can support the growth of UAE-based social media influencers. Through these training programmes, we seek to provide them with practical knowledge in various media fields,” she further said.

Speaking during the event, Khadija Al Bastaki, Executive Director of Dubai Design District, said: “Social media influencers have a responsibility to be honest with what they promote. Users today have significantly more information on products and brands than previously.”

Digital influencer and TV presenter Tamara Jamal said that social media has revolutionised the fashion and beauty industry. “Instagram, in particular, has made it easier for consumers to closely experience international brands through their favorite social media influencers. Many users rely on product reviews posted by influencers they trust before purchasing the product themselves,” she said.

“In recent years, we have seen a growing number of international and local brands establishing a strong presence on the platform because of their ability to interact directly with users,” Jamal added.

TV Presenter Diala Ali discussed the part played by social media in creating unrealistic beauty standards that can affect the self-esteem of social media users. “Exposure to the perfection of airbrushed photos and images of perfect-looking models have affected the self-confidence of users and made them obsessed with seeking impossible ideals of beauty. It is important for people, especially youth, to be aware that not everything they see is real and to accept themselves as they are,” she said.

TV actress Mayssa Maghrebi spoke at the event on the use of artificial intelligence in the fashion industry. Computer-generated virtual models are unlikely to be popular among users in the Middle East since they would prefer to connect with real influencers rather than virtual ones, she said.

Established in 2016, the Arab Social Media Influencers Club aims to enhance Arabic content on social media platforms and encourage innovation and creativity in the different fields that influencers operate within. Additionally, ASMIC seeks to unite the efforts of Arab influencers in facing challenges brought about by various social media networks, making it the largest platform of its kind in the world.

The Arab Social Media Influencers Summit and the Arab Social Media Influencers Award are among the most prominent projects implemented by ASMIC annually. The Club also organises several activities and initiatives related to the social media field.

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