Emirati Media Forum discusses media fallout of GCC crisis

The fourth edition of Emirati Media Forum discussed the impact of unprofessional media coverage and its role in inciting conflict in the region.

In a session titled ‘Gulf Crisis: Ripples in the Region’, UAE writer and academic Dr. Sultan Al Naimi discussed different aspects of the recent Gulf crisis and the way media handled them. He reviewed Qatari policies towards its GCC neighbours and Iran’s attempt to control the region and exploit the crisis to serve its political agenda.

Looking at the crisis from a strategic point of view, he said that Iran has always been seeking to destabilise the region. He also said the actions of the Lebanese political party Hezbollah and Houthi rebels in Yemen aimed at destabilising the region have served Iranian interests.

He further said that Qatar has become a door through which Iran is seeking to enter the region. However, he said that GCC members are on guard against the dangers this poses to the Gulf and Arab region.

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