Show Time: Driving home points through entertainment

-Talk Shows create awareness among public, AMF delegates told

Audio-visual media is the most effective tool in influencing society in today's age. As the saying goes, you believe what you see more than what you hear, couldn't be more right.

"Talk Shows on television have the power to change widely held perceptions of people," says Rashid Ali, host of the Moroccan programme 'The Rashid Show'.

Speaking at the Arab Media Forum on Tuesday, he said, especially in these times, it is of utmost importance to connect to the masses, providing them varied views and opinions of eminent personalities about issues that they face.
One of the top most rules to be followed by any talk show host is the use of simple language. Elaborating the importance of connecting with the masses, Rashid says being truthful at all times is equally crucial to build credibility.

Objective Coverage
"Always be authentic and cover issues objectively, without taking sides and being biased," he says and adds that even though his programme is an entertainment show, he ensures to address social and current issues facing citizens.

He invites celebrities, and when tackling current issues he often tends to use humour to get the point across in a lighter vein.

"Talk Shows are a great platform to create awareness among the public and change misconceptions, too, because of its wide reach," says Rashid.

Constructive and civilised dialogues are possible on Talk Shows, which are a great way to quell rumours and change perceptions about issues, according to the host of the popular talk show.

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