Digital media won’t replace travel literature: says Kuwaiti travel writer

Arab travelers have contributed heavily to travel literature, which allows readers to explore the horizon, and to learn about others, according to Kuwaiti author, and travel writer Abdel Wahab Al-Hamadi.

Al-Hamadi said that digital media and social platforms won’t be able to replace travel literature books. “For example, though there were online forums about Arab travelers, it was simply deleted following the acquisition of the website by a new company. Threads of more than 10 years were simply deleted,” he said. “The same goes for social media platforms. You can take pictures of the location you are visiting, but within one hour, it will be forgotten,” he said.

Al-Hamadi also said that a recent trend in travel literature is to turn the travel literature books into touristic trails that allow readers to experience and live the atmosphere of the writer. He also said that turning travel literature books into trails allow readers to build their own experiences and souvenirs.

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