Kuwait Mosque Bombing: Transparent communication enhanced national unity

-     Social media when used effectively can help quell rumours, says Maj. Gen Al Sayegh

Effective and transparent communication plays a crucial role during unfortunate incidents and helps maintain unity of a nation.

This was unequivocally stressed by Major- General Jamal Al Sayegh, Assistant Undersecretary for Operations of Kuwait on Sunday at The Public Diplomacy and Government Communication Forum in Dubai.

The suicide bombing of Sadiq Mosque in Kuwait during Ramadan in 2015, which claimed over 20 lives and left 227 people injured, was a shock not only to the nation, but the entire region.

However, the government's efficient measures to appraise its citizens of the developments instilled in them tremendous confidence and unwavering unity, said Al Sayegh.

The Emir of Kuwait visited the site saying 'those affected are his children'. He spoke to witnesses and pacified the victims, recalled Maj-Gen Sayegh.

Unwavering Patriotism
The leadership never discriminates among the masses, he said, and added that this is one of the reasons for the unwavering patriotism.

Speaking about the importance of communication, he said that a media cell was set-up at the blast site, which provided 'live' updates 24/7 to residents and people the world over.

Video footages reinforce the determination of the government in providing authentic information to connect with its people, he added.

The bombing incident also highlights the positive role of social media in quelling rumours, as the authorities used the medium to state facts.

Maj-Gen. Sayegh said co-operation between security agencies, police, civil defence, military and others were also enhanced due to effective communication, which in turn helped nab the culprits in the shortest possible time.

Today, the people of Kuwait and the GCC are happy and secure because the governments believe in transparent and effective communication, he added.

The Forum
Organised by the Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO), the Forum looks at a range of communication issues that governments encounter in the light of recent political, social, environmental and security developments.

The event discusses communication success stories and learnings from major campaigns, crises and events. The Public Diplomacy and Government Communication Forum brings together ministers, senior government officials, academics and experts in the fields of communications and media from the region and across the world.

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