RTA accomplishes Phase II of ‘Audit License’ Program for training employees on internal monitoring

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has completed the second phase of the training program entitled Audit License, having completed the initial phase last April. The program is aimed at sensitizing employees in various sectors and agencies about the importance of internal audit and grooming them for practicing internal monitoring within their organizational units through furnishing them with the applicable audit techniques to improve their performance.

Ms. Kawther Kazim, Executive Director of Human Resources & Development at RTA said, “This training program is part of a series of excellent ongoing programs undertaken by the RTA towards uplifting the skills & competencies of staffs, and enriching the careers of RTA employees in general as part of our endeavors to introduce the best global practices & standards. The program, which is being undertaken in coordination with the Internal Audit Department, underscores the importance of issuing the Audit License in realizing RTA’s strategy of ensuring employee transparency. It also enables the practicing of the highest internal monitoring techniques in a way that serves the interest of the RTA in terms of nurturing a creative working environment besides cementing the loyalty & sense of belonging between the RTA and employees.

“The program is made of two parts; the first is theoretical, and is intended to give trainees an overview of internal audit as well as its charter & manual, anti-fraud and internal control policy besides giving employees exposure to all sections of the Internal Audit Department. The other part is practical and involves the engagement of trainees in all phases of the internal audit process, attaching them to auditors, conducting field surveys, and examining risks associated with the Scope of Job,” explained Kazim.

She noted that the program would generate an immensely positive impact on employees in terms of promoting their knowledge & skills in the field of internal audit, developing analytical thinking, enhancing communication and familiarizing them with critical thinking & report writing. “The timeline of the Audit License Program consists of several phases. The initial phase had been undertaken in April 2016, and the second phase had been completed last September. The third phase is set for completion in April 2017 and the fourth phase will be accomplished in the same year. A study will be commissioned at a later stage to verify the benefits drawn from the program,” added the Executive Director of Human Resources & Development.

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